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Wednesday, November 18:
An Evening with C. S. Lewis: My Life’s Journey,
Starring David Payne

Please join us for a special, exclusive, virtual presentation of the renowned stage play, “An Evening with C.S. Lewis: My Life’s Journey,” with an interview and Q&A with the play’s creator and performer, David Payne, following.

The year is 1962, and in this enthralling one-man show, the world-renowned author C.S. Lewis has agreed to host a group of curious Americans in his home near Oxford, England. He reminisces on the events and people that shaped his life, including his childhood, his education, his career at Oxford and Cambridge, his spiritual journey to embrace Christianity, his books, and the American woman who turned his life upside down. What ensues is an inspiring performance that has captivated audiences worldwide. Full of humor, this critically acclaimed and engaging show offers fascinating and highly entertaining insights into the man whose work is available in over 100 books, including The Screwtape LettersMere ChristianityThe Space Trilogy, The Abolition of ManThe Four LovesThe Problem of Pain, and The Chronicles of Narnia.

Born in London, the renowned British actor, playwright, and director David Payne first encountered C.S. Lewis when, as a teenager, he was given a copy of Lewis’s bestselling book, The Screwtape Letters. Little did he realize that decades later he would be portraying its famous author. He first landed the lead role of C.S. Lewis in the stage production of Shadowlands. Subsequently, Payne has played the famous author in more than 1,000 performances of An Evening with C.S. Lewis: My Life’s Journey, winning him countless accolades and thrilling over a million viewers. Payne has written plays inspired by the life and writings of C.S. Lewis, including Target PracticeSt. Jack & The Dragon, and Lewis and Tolkien: Of Wardrobes & Rings. His other plays include Relative SurprisePrisoner of Passion, and Weep for Joy.

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