Our Purpose


The C.S. Lewis Society of California is an independent, non-profit, Christian, educational and cultural organization interested in events, publications, and other developments that advance deeper understanding of the enduring philosophical, cultural, historical, literary, spiritual, social, and economic issues of mankind.

  • Stimulate and advance public interest in the life, works, and ideas of C. S. Lewis
  • Encourage deeper understanding of Lewis as a man, author and thinker, as well as others’ work that pertains to such topics
  • Foster understanding of and serve as a clearinghouse of information on the issues Lewis addressed
  • Promote both popular and scholarly study and writing
  • Sponsor and organize speaking, theatrical, film and other events
  • Network with and assist other organizations that share an active interest in such topics

About C.S. Lewis

In its November 7, 2005 issue, Time magazine noted the following about the world-renowned Oxford/Cambridge scholar and best-selling author C.S. Lewis:

“In 1947, a Time cover story hailed Lewis as ‘one of the most influential spokesmen for Christianity in the English-speaking world.’ Now, 58 years later (and 42 years after his death, in 1963), he could arguably be called the hottest theologian.”

Indeed, C. S. Lewis’s books sell at an astounding rate worldwide, and in his extensive and immensely popular work, he very effectively champions objective truth, goodness, natural law, literary excellence, reason, science, individual liberty, personal responsibility, and Christian faith. In his professional writings, Lewis was a literary critic, novelist, poet, essayist, and man of letters. His work captures a grandeur, precision, wit, imagination and insight seldom matched by others, and in the process, he articulately critiques the materialism, reductionism, scientism, collectivism, nihilism, statism, and de-humanization of the modern era.

Officers and Board of Directors

Graham H. Walker, Ph.D.


President, The Independent Institute

Andrew Dósa, Esq.


Attorney at Law

Paul D. Ashby, Ph.D.


Staff Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California

Mary L. G. Theroux

Vice President

Chairman and CEO, The Independent Institute

Mark Hofman, M.Div.

Pastor, Allen Avenue Christian Reformed Church

José Maria J. Yulo, Ed.D.

Instructor, The Academy of Art University; Research Fellow, The Independent Institute

In Memoriam Board of Directors

David J. Theroux
Founder and President

Board of Advisors

Michael D. Aeschliman
Professor of Education, Boston University; Director, Erasmus Institute, Switzerland


Jonathan J. Bean
Professor of History, Southern Illinois University


Arthur C. Brooks
Professor of the Practice of Public Leadership, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University


Paul A. Cleveland
Professor of Economics, Birmingham-Southern College


G. Marcus Cole
Joseph A. Matson Dean and Professor of Law, Notre Dame Law School


James T. Como
Professor of Rhetoric and Public Communication, York College, City University of New York


Stephen T. Davis
Russell K. Pitzer Professor of Philosophy, Claremont McKenna College


David C. Downing
Co-Director, Marion E. Wade Center, Wheaton College


Colin Duriez
Author, The C.S. Lewis Encyclopedia, The C.S. Lewis ChroniclesThe Inklings HandbookTolkien and C.S. LewisA Field Guide to Narniaand Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings


Kenneth G. Elzinga
Robert C. Taylor Professor of Economics, University of Virginia


Thomas P. Flint
Professor of Philosophy and Director
Notre Dame Center for Philosophy of Religion, University of Notre Dame


Stewart C. Goetz
Professor of Philosophy and Religion, Ursinus College


Peter J. Hill
George F. Bennett Chair of Economics Emeritus, Wheaton College


Laurence R. Iannaccone
Director, Institute for the Study of Religion, Economics, and Society
Argyros School of Business and Economics, Chapman University


Philip Jenkins
Distinguished Professor of History and Co-Director for the Program on Historical Studies of Religion, Baylor University


Peter G. Klein
Senior Research Fellow, Center for Entrepreneurship & Free Enterprise
Hankamer School of Business, Baylor University


Robert C. Koons
Professor of Philosophy, University of Texas


Peter J. Kreeft
Professor of Philosophy, Boston College


John C. Lennox
Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, University of Oxford; Emeritus Fellow in Mathematics and Philosophy of Science, Green Templeton College

Wilfred M. McClay
Victor David Hanson Chair in Classical History and Western Civilization, Hillsdale College


Scot McKnight
Karl A. Olsson Professor in Religious Studies, North Park University


Marjorie Lamp Mead
Associate Director, The Marion E. Wade Center, Wheaton College


J. P. Moreland
Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Biola University


Andrew P. Morriss
Dean and Anthony G. Buzbee Dean’s Endowed Chairholder, Texas A&M School of Law


Alvin Plantinga
Jellema Chair in Philosophy, Calvin College; John O’Brien Chair of Philosophy Emeritus, University of Notre Dame


Mary S. Poplin
Professor of Educational Studies and Director, Institute for Education in Transformation
Claremont Graduate University


Stephen G. Post
Professor of Preventive Medicine
Director, Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care, and Bioethics
Stony Brook University


Peter J. Schakel
Peter C. and Emajean Cook Professor of English, Hope College


Jeffrey P. Schloss
Professor of Biology, Westmont College


Rodney Stark
University Professor of Social Sciences
Co-Director and Distinguished Senior Fellow, Institute for Studies of Religion, Baylor University


Edward P. Stringham
Kathryn Wasserman Davis Professor of Economic Organizations and Innovation and Deputy Director of the Shelby Cullom Davis Endowment, Trinity College


Eleonore A. Stump
Robert J. Henle Professor of Philosophy, St. Louis University


Charles Taliaferro
Professor of Philosophy, St. Olaf College


Jerry L. Walls
Professor of Philosophy, Asbury Theological Seminary


Michael Ward
Senior Research Fellow, Blackfriars Hall, Oxford University; Professor of Apologetics, Houston Baptist University


Robert M. Whaples
Professor of Economics, Wake Forest University


Nicholas Wolterstorff
Senior Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, University of Virginia; Noah Porter Professor of Philosophical Theology, Yale University