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Annotated Bibliography of Selected Works by C.S. Lewis

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C. S. Lewis: A Modest Literary Biography and Bibliography, by Bruce L. Edwards

C. S. Lewis (1898-1963)

C. S. Lewis: A Profile of His Life

C.S. Lewis: His Life and Works, by Art Lindsley

C.S. Lewis: Narnia and the North, by BBC

C. S. Lewis: Public Christian and Scholar, by Bruce L. Edwards

C. S. Lewis: Superstar, by Bob Smietana

The Creator of Narnia: C. S. Lewis, by Ann-Marie Imbornoni

God’s Storyteller: The Curious Life and Prodigious Influence of C. S. Lewis, the Man Behind The Chronicles of Narnia, by Jay Tolson

Interesting and Unusual Facts about C. S. Lewis, compiled by Robert Trexler and Jennifer Trafton

Myth Matters: C. S. Lewis Bequeathed Us a Method and a Language for Sharing the Gospel with the Modern and Postmodern World, by Louis A. Markos

The Philosophical Journey of C.S. Lewis, by Glenn J. Giokaris

The Relevance and Challenge of C. S. Lewis, by Mark Brumley

Still Surprised by Lewis, by James I. Packer

The Thought and Work of C. S. Lewis, by Carl E. Olson


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